Gourmet Herbs: specialist provider of baby herbs

Specialist Provider of Baby Herbs to Sydney Restaurants

If you've been searching in Google or MSN or Yahoo! for fresh herbs for garnish or flavour, you've found the right website: gourmetherbs.com.au.

Fresh herbs have become a mandatory inclusion in dishes authored by the world's best chefs. In dishes where fat and salt have been reduced, flavour can easily be enhanced with fresh herbs. If you are a chef, a caterer or restauranteur in the greater Sydney area, you have now found a supplier of fresh culinary herbs.

If you're on the lookout for info on herbs, pictures of baby herbs, tips on the use of herbs, or need to buy fresh herbs, the Gourmet Herbs website is where you'll find them.

Finally, if you want free recipes (including fresh herbs, of course) created by some of Sydney's fine chefs, look for our Recipe of the Month feature


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