Method Ingredient prep can be done in advance.
Roast tomato halves on rock salt in a 120° oven for 1½ hours. Cut fennel in half and place in a fry pan half covered in salted water, place 200g of the butter in pan and cook over a high heat till water evaporates and butter caramelizes, let cool for 20 minutes.

Construction of tart tartin can be done in advance.
Take caramelized fennel and cut the halves into half again, with remaining butter, butter and season blini pans. Arrange fennel and tomatoes around pan alternating till pan is full. Put pastry on top pushing down the edges and brush with olive oil. When ready to bake, bake @ 180° till golden. Let settle for 1 minute before turning out onto serving plate. Place a quenelle of goats curd on top. Garnish with baby mache leaves, basil oil and cracked pepper.

Andre Larke,The Truffle Group.


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